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Affiliate / Publisher


This means an individual who markets one or more of our brands and earns revenue from real money players' generated revenue. A webmaster that places content and links on their web site to promote merchant's iGaming brand products can also be called a publisher. They are rewarded with a commission for their efforts; the affiliate/publisher is paid a set commission for all the valid transactions/sales referred to the merchant by using their affiliate link.


Affiliate Manager


A dedicated personal Affiliate Manager will be assigned to your account once you have signed up successfully. This person will especially take care of you and guide you towards unleashing your potential to maximizing your earnings.



Affiliate Member Area


“Affiliate Member Area” refers to the section of the website that is open to an affiliate to update their profile, assess statistics, create additional trackers, select banners/graphic artwork, change/update payment methods, and any other newly-updated or introduced utilities.


Affiliate Network is where merchants can list their iGaming brands. Affiliates can then request which brands and promote the merchants' products by using text links, banners, etc. Affiliates can join and track a large number of brands from one site. All sales from each brand/s are totaled together to give one sum. Affiliates will then receive commissions in one payment using the flexible or classic payment type.


Affiliate Partnership


This means a partnership between, and you, the Affiliate. We give you revenue on referred players' and/or Sub-affiliates' revenue generation via our iGaming brands.


Affiliate Tracking


This means the process of automatically tracking real money player activity to your Affiliate account via a unique Tracker ID or bonus code.


Banner Programs / Advertisements


Publisher/Affiliates get paid by placing merchant’s banners on their site. These banners are a graphical advertisement that comes in various sizes. Affiliates are paid for redirecting their traffic through these banners.


Banner / Creative


An electronic advertisement or billboard such as an animated GIF, Flash Movie or JPEG that advertises a product, service, or web site.


Brand Group


A client which operates a number of brands represents a brand group within our system.


Business Day


Business Day means any day other than Saturday or Sunday that is not a bank or public holiday.




The Cashier section shows how much you've earned and also you can cash out your payments in a convenient and simple manner. You can also initiate peer to peer transfer within this section.




Here you can find all the brand types which are offered. We present you diverse affiliate opportunities from gaming brands to forex and binary options.


Classic payment


By choosing this option you will get paid automatically to your preferred payment method on a monthly basis. You won’t have to request payments each time. We will simply pay your commission earnings once we receive the payments from all brands you are promoting.


Commencement Date


Commencement Date means the date of your acceptance.


Confidential Information


Confidential Information means all business, technical, financial or other information created or exchanged between the Parties in the course of fulfilling their obligations under the Agreement.


Cost Per Acquisition Plan (“CPA”)


This means the fixed amount you receive for a referred customer, who starts to play for real money.




Deductions are made for Bonuses, chargebacks, refunds, and processing costs.




Frequently asked questions


First Time Depositor


A player who has made his first real money deposit with any of the brands is considered a first time depositor.


Flexible payment


This means a payment type you can request a withdrawal as soon your pending commissions have been released. While sending the request from your Cashier section you can choose the amount, method and currencies according to your preferences. Thus, you can also split up your earnings and create various withdrawal requests using different amounts, currencies and methods.




This refers to the lines of code that an Affiliate places on their web page(s) to create links to the website of one of' brands.


HTML Mailer


Promotional emails that Affiliates can send to potential or existing referred players to encourage them to register for new brands or to continue playing.




Hybrid is a combination of CPA and Revenue Share.




This indicates how many times a page or banner advertisement was displayed or viewed.




An Internet user, who accesses one of the Sites directly through a Link registered with your Tracking Code and opens a new user account. Sometimes a real money purchase is required to turn a simple Registration (or Sign Up) into a Lead.




A merchant is a company that offers products or services. Being an affiliate network, we have the opportunity to partner with these merchants and in doing so form a co-operation to promote their brands. Merchants normally pay affiliates/partners by various ways, revenue share, CPA (cost per acquisition) or Hybrid.




This means Real money player-generated revenue


Marketing Material


Everything you need to support your marketing campaigns is available in the Marketing Material section. Here you will find text links, gif banners, flash banners, jpeg banners and other helpful tools in order to maximize your revenue.


Marketing Tools


See “Marketing Material”


Master Affiliate


You can become a Master Affiliate when you set up a Sub-affiliate network. You can refer other affiliates to and earn a certain percentage of their income on top of your regular affiliate commission.


My Account


This is the section from where you can manage all your account information. From here you can update your details and change your password.


My Commission Plans


A section inside the member area, where you can check the commissions you will receive once you start promoting our brands. Approved campaigns are marked with a green checkmark with the name “Access”. All campaigns which aren’t approved for your account yet are marked with a red cross. If you are interested in promoting any of these brands please just click on the button “Send Request”. We will review your requests and approve them accordingly in a timely manner.


Net Gaming


Net Gaming is calculated as the sum total of all players’ transactions less any costs or chargebacks incurred by the Target Company.


Payment Plans


The financial rewards that we pay to you for any referred player are also considered payment plans.


Peer2Peer Transfer


The Peer2Peer means a Money Transfer that allows you to transfer your released commission to another registered user of



Quick Summary Report


This means an overview of your data available for today, last week, the month to date, for the last calendar month and for the entire year. The report summary is available in the Reports section.


Real Money Player(s)


A player that makes a ‘real’ monetary deposit to his or her account once their account is open irrespective of the time, while abiding by that room’s terms with regards to Real Money Players.


Registered Email Address


The email address of the Company as provided in the Affiliate Administration Area or the email address of the Affiliate as provided in your Registration Data.


Registration Data


The information provided by the Affiliate when registering for enrolment in the network Program




These are Reports that offer a reliable and effective means of monitoring the revenue you are generating.


Revenue Share


This means that With payment option; you will receive monthly ongoing payments for the lifetime of your referred players.


“Spam” or “Unsolicited Promotions”


“Spam” or “Unsolicited Promotions” means emails or any other messages that are circulated by you, directly or indirectly, including messages that are posted on newsgroups, chat rooms and other types of online forums and which: 1) are directed at people who have not consented nor confirmed that they wish to receive promotional messages from you; 2) contain false or misleading statements; 3) do not truthfully identify the source or the originating IP Address; or 4) do not provide the recipient with an option to easily “Remove” them from receiving future mailings or promotions. 




A Sub-affiliate is a person who becomes a publisher by clicking on your referral link. When she or he starts generating revenues, you will start earning an additional income. Sub-affiliates receive the same benefits as normal Affiliates. Furthermore, a Master Affiliate is able to view the activity and revenue generation of his Sub-Affiliates in the reports section of the member area. A sub-affiliate performance report is available there.


“Terms & Conditions” or “Terms”


“Terms & Conditions” or “Terms” means the terms and conditions.


Tracker URL


“Tracker URL” means a unique, encrypted hypertext link that is assigned to your account resulting in all referred traffic and earnings from your Commission Plans being tracked to your affiliate campaigns.


Unique Clicks


This means a metric in Affiliate reporting’s, this value is the number of distinct users who have visited your Affiliate link. Unique clicks are typically tracked by recording the IP address and browser header.




This means a Referred player.


Viral Advertising


Viral Advertising means that a product, service, website etc. is made known through already existing social networks, i.e. people who know and communicate to other people and spread the message to them. Another way of viral marketing is to forward an offer to friends and family though word of mouth.

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